Multi-touch: Many questions to one desire....

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Wed Mar 5 01:25:31 CET 2008

Ortwin Regel ha scritto:
> If there will ever be a dedicated OpenMoko gaming device, it needs a
> multitouch screen.

Well, yes I think it won't be possible to run games with an on-screen 
virtual gamepad as the iPhone/iPodTouch does.
Do I am wrong?

> However, with a phone, even if it is a fully
> featured pocket computer, I can't think of many things where it would
> be useful, either. Zooming and rotating should be very doable with one
> finger and some thinking. In fact, much of this thinking was already
> done on this list months ago.

I do agree, but for me these rotate and resize features imho aren't so 
needed as soon they're cool to see.
Also using a touch-only screen they don't loose their usability: the 
resize, mostly, could be done simply with a scroll, while the rotation 
using the gimp-way (put a placeholder on the rotating fulcrum tapping, 
then use a finger dragging the image...).
I can't find more things that really need a multi-touch screen, since I 
won't paint on it and I neither will do a collaborative work... :P

Then I'd like to know more infos about *tapping* in Neo.
I mean, in my notebooks with Synaptics touchpads I can easily use more 
than a finger to play some useful actions like:
  - Left clik with a finger tapping
  - Middle clik with two fingers tapping
  - Right clik with three fingers tapping
  - Vertical / Horizontal scroll with two fingers sliding [1]

Well, are these features available on GTA02 too?
In fact, if the answer would be "yes", we could easily use the 
multi-fingers tapping/scrolling features to control the phone in a more 
comfortable way (for example allowing "right-clicks" no more 
pressure-time based, or allowing operations on images like the ones I 
mentioned above).



[1] (iMac like)

PS: That's so strange (and funny), today exactly few minutes before the 
topic was started I wandered about multi-touching in Neo and how it was 
used in iPhone, reading and looking much of resources... :P

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