25 native [iPhone|OpenMoko] we hope to see

Ivo Anjo knuckles at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 16:56:24 CET 2008

>  so one could set up a xmpp server at home, turn on server side logging and
>  some transports to other networks as needed, and then just have a xmpp client
>  on the neo that connects to it?

I've never tried installing my own xmpp server, but I'm guessing it's
pretty easy to enable/add server-side logging (if you don't use
end-to-end encryption, of course). A quick search in google revealed
this http://www.nabble.com/logging-conversations-for-big-brother-td13754126.html

>  or have google done some kind of custom mod for their xmpp server to get this
>  to work?

>  would be nice if the logs showed up in a imap connection ;)

Google has its own xmpp server implementation, and if you use their
server, you can enable server-side logging. As the logs are added to
the gmail interface, I'm guessing they would show up on imap, but
never tried it (I don't use their xmpp server, since I started using
xmpp before they even had a server).

Ivo Anjo

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