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Mario Wewer schrieb:
> It is really cheap (when the given prices are the right ones) Only GPS is
> missing... And maybe UMTS... Prices: ca. $195/~149€ (4GB ohne Kamera),
> $310/~237€ (4GB mit Kamera),$285/~217€ (8GB ohne Kamera) und $400/~305€ (8GB
> mit Kamera)

the hardware description looks really good - especially for this price.
In fact it should be easy to port Linux to it, but this is a lot of effort and
if you don't get the specs it usually takes longer than the lifetime of a product.
Adapting the GUI should not be much of a challenge once Linux works.
So if you have a group of people with kernel experience this idea might work,
but if not you can forget about it.



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