NXP free their PMU user manual/datasheet for OM community

Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu) tony at openmoko.com
Sat Mar 8 03:15:00 CET 2008

Dear Community:

OM just get NXP release their PCF50633 datasheet and user manual to OM 
community. You could now download full PCF50633 user manual with 
detailed register setting from following link:


I think this is really great for people who really interested in 
embedded power management system.

Thanks for NXP free their document ;)

Dear Tony

We have carefully reconsidered how to best serve the OpenMoko community 
in supporting our PCF50633 product, and our decision has been to allow 
you to publish the full User Manual on the OpenMoko website. This is 
more effective for the development community then having to reference to 
2 documents, being the DS already sent to you and the addendum 
containing the register description. We therefore prefer that the full 
UM get's published. The Company Confidential notice has been removed.
We hope to see the successful application of our device and hope to see 
many OpenMoko products in the market, using our PCF50633.
(See attached file: PCF50633UM_6.pdf)
Best regards,

Jan Enderink	International Product Marketing Manager
NXP Semiconductors
PL Portable Power Solutions
Phone: +31-24353-2771
Mobile: +31-651551042 	Fax: +31-24353-3613
Internet: http://www.nxp.com
Gerstweg 2 (Building BZ 0.108), 6534 AE Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Email: jan.enderink at nxp.com

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