ambient light sensor

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Sat Mar 8 09:17:30 CET 2008

Am Sa  8. März 2008 schrieb joerg:
> Great news!
> Now it seems simple to add a photodiode and a capacitor to have ambient 
> light controlled backlight. :-)
> Only someone of OM has to disclose which testpoint is connected to 50633, 
> pin32(LEDAMB)
For GTA02A5 this testpoint is labeled H-TP1705. Maybe should be same label for 
printing on circuit board of GTA02 to be available soon.

Wolfgand Spraul wrote:
> joerg,
> Don't you have the schematics?
> This is such a small detail, if you know the answer feel free to
> publish it.
> [...]


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