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> have a look at the other OM lists, namely kernel! There you frequently
> find
> the words GTA02A6, and MassProduction. I also read March somewhere.
> j

as well there are some standards
- it need wlan, every phone is mobile internet today
- the camera should have 5 Megapixel
- navigation is not open gettable, but that is the next step, having both
handhelds together: phone and navigation
- third DVB-T, was already discussed, is not available in every market, but
the users will not pay for abvonennemtn of TV, they want free watching.
currently only 3 phones have that. unfortunately with bad mix of features:
one phone has DVB-T, but only 2 MP camera, One phone has not DVB-T. but
navigation, but no WLan.

Which one to buy?

With: Wlan, Navigation, DVB-T and double SIM, that would be great.
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