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> On Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at 11:34 PM, joerg <joerg.twinklephone at> wrote:
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> > have a look at the other OM lists, namely kernel! There you frequently
> > find
> > the words GTA02A6, and MassProduction. I also read March somewhere.
> >
> > j
> >
> as well there are some standards
> - it need wlan, every phone is mobile internet today
> - the camera should have 5 Megapixel
> - navigation is not open gettable, but that is the next step, having both
> handhelds together: phone and navigation
> - third DVB-T, was already discussed, is not available in every market, but
> the users will not pay for abvonennemtn of TV, they want free watching.
> currently only 3 phones have that. unfortunately with bad mix of features:
> one phone has DVB-T, but only 2 MP camera, One phone has not DVB-T. but
> navigation, but no WLan.
> Which one to buy?
> Openmoko-NEo
> With: Wlan, Navigation, DVB-T and double SIM, that would be great.

read the wiki about freerunner specs. the specs will not change. we are
finalising hardware and getting hardware bugs out. we are not going to make any
changes as all this will do is delay it even more - and chances are most
would be impossible to do without a massive board re-work and a new case.


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