Need a Cellphone now...

Daniel Spies daniel.spies at
Mon Mar 10 09:03:21 CET 2008

Hi list!

I wonder if it's possible to run Openmoko on other handhelds than the
Neo/Freerunner. Actually I need a new phone ASAP. As I already mentioned I
don't need the complete functionality immediately. Making and receiving
calls would be enough...

I already searched the web for some kind of phone-comparer, but the only
one I found did not offer the filters I need. Does anyone of you know a
with the following specs? The Freerunner covers them all, but is still not
available. If there's any smartphone covering the specs below, and we could
run Openmoko on it, please let me know!

Must have:
- Wireless Lan
- Bluetooth
- USB with host-mode
- High Quality Stereo Soundcard
- High Resolution Touchscreen
- Less or no Buttons
- Fast CPU
- Not too less memory
- Extensionslot for SD/microSD or whatever

Nice to have:
- Acceleration-sensor
- DVB-T Receiver
- Multitouch
- Camera
- 2 Sim slots

I'm not sure if I missed something...

Thank you!

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