Need a Cellphone now...

Jeffrey Thomas eljefedelito at
Mon Mar 10 17:15:33 CET 2008

> you can use the sim in the freerunner when it is available in a month or 
> two. 

Is that really the case?  I've not read anything about even an estimated timeline, and I am to the point where I am considering unsubscribing from the mailing list because there is no real information being written about.  I don't mind that, and I enjoy the conversation, but it fills my email box with distractions while I work :)

What is the current planned timeline, does anyone know?  Will the hardware and software be considered final enough for an enduser without needing to flash the unit, etc, at that point?  The wiki seems unnavigable in this regard -- where does one find a timeline, even a rough one?  I believe that, like any good Free Software (and hardware!) project, it is "done when its done", but some sort of checklist even would be nice to see.

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