Neo1973 on eBay

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Mon Mar 10 17:55:05 CET 2008

Starting bid is $200.

I'm including a 2GB microSD card instead of the 512MB that shipped with 
the phone, and also including a USB cable (I hate when cables aren't 

More photos at

Now that I'm commuting 3-4 hours to my job, I simply lack the time to 
continue development, so might as well let someone have it that can use it.

Does NOT come with my pre-paid T-Mobile card though, I don't know the 
legalities of selling the card.

Michael Shiloh has personally seen my phone (upgraded the modem 
firmware), and dozens of people saw it and used it at SCALE 6x a few 
weeks back, so it's in great operating condition.


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