GSoC 2008: Call for ideas

Ilja O. vrghost at
Mon Mar 10 19:40:24 CET 2008

In my opinion, there are some highly usable project proposals in wish
list, that could be done by student (like me, heh-heh-heh...) during
First things first: platform should provide more than one GUI binding
In my opinion binding framework porting priority is (decreasing):
1) qt
2) wx
3) sdl
(Since Maemo/Cocoa bindins are not widely used in current world, I
think that these bindings are in
would-be-nice-to-have[when-we'll-have-free-time] class)
In my opinion, GUI bindings are great projects for GSoc, since they
are useful and easy to create (at least it looks so, since Openmoko
has standard GTK base, that by these frameworks already can use on the

Also, C++ bindings are must-have (but I have no clue about how mush
work it will be to implement them)
Python binding is good-to-have thing, since Python language is great
for prototyping (but I don't think that it would be great idea to
write real application on Openmoko due to embedded platform

Also, platform *must* include high-level bindings for standard phone
functionality, like sending SMS to the given number (with given text,
of course), making a call, cancelling call, getting GPS  coordinates,
sending visit card using bluetooth, bt device pairing, connecting to
bt device... it's quite easy to build such list. But some has to
implement it all. (IMHO, all tese API functions should be accessible
via dbus). As my device driver programming experience shows, it is
quite possible to accomplish such thing during summer (not all at
once, of course. Someone should be playing with bt, someone with gsm
module... But I assume that you are much more aware of all these
organization issues than me.

Btw, "please, please, release freerunner! In March! Can't hold... much

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