Qwerty keyboard concept

Schmidt András asch at freemail.hu
Mon Mar 10 20:55:04 CET 2008


I was thinking much about a qwerty keyboard that can be easily used on 
the small touch screen of OpenMoko with just your fingers. After some 
thinking I have come up with an idea. To proove my concept I have also 
implemented it.

The implementation is Java+SWT so you will have to install Jalimo in 
order to make it work on your phone. You should run it landscape. It can 
be executed on your desktop too.

You can find the idea, code, binary, screenshot and howto here: 

It is just a proof of concept and I have coded it with a severe 
hangover... Please don't criticise the code itself :-).

I would be happy if you try it and comment whether you find it usable or 
not. I have tried it on my PDA even with reduced size (approx the same 
size as OpenMoko's screen is) and it is quite usable finger only.

Best regards
Schmidt András

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