Question for those of you for whom I've done a GSM firmware upgrade

Michael Shiloh michael at
Mon Mar 10 21:02:19 CET 2008


As most of you know, there was a bug in earlier GSM firmware on Neo 1973 
which prevented certain AT&T 3G SIM cards from working in the Neo 1973.

As most of you know, the upgraded GSM firmware that fixed this problem 
could only be installed by an employee of Openmoko.

I peformed this upgrade for perhaps a couple dozen of you.

After I upgraded the firmware on your phones I tested them with my 
personal AT&T SIM card, and they always worked fine.

Starting a few months ago my AT&T SIM card no longer works in upgraded Neos.

We're trying to get to the bottom of this. Meanwhile, a useful point of 
information would be your experience:

For those of you for whom I performed the GSM firmware upgrade, did the 
Neo 1973 work properly with your AT&T SIM card after the upgrade? Most 
of you wrote me when you received the phones to indicate that it did. 
Does it continue to do so? If not, when did this start happening? What 
are the symptoms?

For the larger community, do any of you have insight into cellphone 
tower technology? Has AT&T performed an update in the past few months?

Is it possible that AT&T has modified its policy towards unlocked phones?

These are all extreme notions - it is far more likely that something 
trivial and local has occurred. Perhaps I've forgotten to do something 
(although I've reviewed my steps in excrutiating detail with the folks 
back home) during the upgrade process. But since I'm completely out of 
ideas, I'm reaching to the less plausible.

Any ideas welcome, including crackpot ideas. To paraphrase Sherlock 
Holmes, when you have removed the possibility of all other causes, the 
one remaining explanation, no matter how implausible, must be the one.


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