Question for those of you for whom I've done a GSM firmware upgrade

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Tue Mar 11 05:26:01 CET 2008

Am Di  11. März 2008 schrieb Michael Shiloh:
> Jae Stutzman wrote:
> > Weird.
> > 
> > I suppose this same SIM works in other phones (non neos)? 
> Yes; it works perfectly in the AT&T provided Nokia.

You activated hardware-password on the GSM-module?
I never heard of SIM-cards remembering the phones they're in, but phones 
locked down to a specific SIM by user-managed hw-protection is quite common. 
No, i don't mean a provider side simlock, i mean the feature of e.g. nokia 
phones, asking you "please enter your hw-protection password" whenever you 
change SIM-card.
I don't know how this is handled with the GSM-module, guess there's a AT 

Or you're on the "locked IMEI" (serial nr of your phone) list of your 
provider? *You* should be able to test this, by flashing a different IMEI (of 
a Nokia?) to your GSM-module.
Or ask AT&T, tell them you bought a used cellphone with IMEI xxxxx, and you 
wonder whether this is a phone that's registered "stolen" at them.
gsm: show IMEI = "*#06#", dunno how to do this via AT cmd set. ATD*#06# ?


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