Using Wi-fi on Neo FreeRunner

Mary Stovel mstovel at
Tue Mar 11 19:29:31 CET 2008

I have been following this list almost since the beginning with much  
interest.  In fact, I named my dog Moko.  I am just an occasional   
user of a cell phone, no tech or development  experience.  I also  
have Voip service at home and when away from home use Gizmo Project  
to make long distance calls over my computer.

I am hoping someone can enlighten me before I buy... when the  
consumer version arrives.  What I envision is using the FreeRunner as  
my  T-mobile cell phone by inserting my sim card and also as my home  
phone over wi-fi. so I can cancel my present Voip service and have  
one phone.  I use T-mobile prepaid and do not have a data service  
plan.  I have wi-fi and high speed internet using an ibook at home.

  My questions are... how will the FreeRunner connect using wi-fi so  
that I can make a call?  I know that Truephone and Gizmo have   
applications that can be downloaded into a cell  phone (mostly on the  
Nokia N and E models).   So it seems that  I will need a Voip service  
that is compatible with the Neo FreeRunner.....anyone know or is it  
too early since we do not have the phone in hand.  I do not want to  
buy a data service plan to surf the internet on a cell phone.  So  
will I be able to download  new applications into the FreeRunner over  
my high speed without one?
  Thanks for any info....
  Mary Stovel

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