freerunner: charging and usb-host mutually exclusive?

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Wed Mar 12 03:08:23 CET 2008


>  Ah, i see a Y-adapter: one end usb-device, one end receptable for usb charger,
>  one end GTA02 *with ID-R of e.g 82k* PLUS *2 x 15k pulldown*.
>  And GTA02 automatically switching to external powered host mode. :-)
>  This was on the list of accessories from the beginning, wasn't it? ;-)
>  humm, on 2nd thought, nothing bad will happen when this mode will check for
>  47k instead of 82k.

I want to make sure (as long as it's not premature) that we capture this in

I can follow the need for pulldowns on d+/d- but where did 82k come
from? How does your comment about 47k fit in?


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