hand charger for neo

ian douglas ian.douglas at iandouglas.com
Wed Mar 12 05:06:24 CET 2008

joerg wrote:
> get yourself a powered usb-hub

Personally, I ordered a gadget talked about on Andy Powell's blog on the 


In his blog article, he talks about a USB power pack that you charge, 
and then attach other devices to the power pack to recharge them. 
Portable power source, if you will. Combined with Bobby Martin's script 
to switch to 500mA charging, this should work very well.

Link to the device:

I ordered the 'standard' version (£21.50 inc p&p) with the extra power 
charger nibs for my iPod touch and Samsung phone, and until my Neo sells 
on eBay, I'll use it for my Neo too.


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