Using Wi-fi on Neo FreeRunner

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Wed Mar 12 20:29:42 CET 2008

On 12/03/2008, David Pottage <david at> wrote:
>  > is there anything underway to allow nokia n-series software to run on
>  > the neo? is it just a matter of installing hildon and some other
>  > dependencies? if it's possible, there is always skype
> That is like asking if there is anything available to run windows software
>  under Linux, and asking that question about 10 years ago.
>  Nokia smartphones run a completely different OS known as Symbian Series
>  60. In theory someone could start a project similar to Wine that would
>  provide an API layer to allow Series 60 applications to run under ARM
>  linux. (Both the Neo 1973, and Nokia phones use ARM CPUs), but in practice
>  it would be a huge project, so is unlikely to happen any time soon.

i'm talking about the internet tablets - they don't run symbian, they run linux

"The operating system, Internet Tablet OS 2007 (also known as Maemo),
is a modified version of Debian GNU/Linux (running Linux 2.6.18)"

So, are there any issues with running software for this OS under OM?
is it just a matter of installing the correct dependencies - hildon,

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