OpenMoko and accessories design

Etienne at
Wed Mar 12 11:30:43 CET 2008

Hello all,

I know that what I'm gonna ask for is coming in quite late regarding the state
of the design of the Neo, but still, I have to ask.

I can see quite an opportunity for the Freerunner to be a device around which
anybody can design additionnal accessories, thanks to the "open" philosophy
around it. I especially would like to see (or design myself) some kind of "base
station" like the ones existing for the iPod with high-quality loudspeakers.
Something like that would obviously provide a mean to recharge the phone
battery, but could also be designed to provide conference-call features around
the Freerunner.

However, from a mechanical point of view, I can see a major show-stopper, being
the fact that the Freerunner connectors are positionned on both sides of the
device, which leads to no solution to easily drop the device on a base station.
I know I'm asking for a big change, but is there any chance the layout can be
re-arranged so that the on/off button and the audio connector switch positions
in the Freerunner ?



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