OpenMoko and accessories design

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Thu Mar 13 01:06:42 CET 2008

Am Mi  12. März 2008 schrieb Etienne:
> I especially would like to see (or design myself) some kind of "base
> station" like the ones existing for the iPod with high-quality loudspeakers.
> Something like that would obviously provide a mean to recharge the phone
> battery, but could also be designed to provide conference-call features 
> the Freerunner.
> However, from a mechanical point of view, I can see a major show-stopper, 
> the fact that the Freerunner connectors are positionned on both sides of the
> device, which leads to no solution to easily drop the device on a base 
> I know I'm asking for a big change, but is there any chance the layout can 
> re-arranged so that the on/off button and the audio connector switch 
> in the Freerunner ?

I also like very much to see a drop-in cradle for Freerunner, to charge, sync 
with PC, and maybe have audio extension.
However i don't see a problem with headset connector 
1) you won't need it for hands-free/conference, this is (should be) already 
built in for NEO. 
2) for HiFi-stereo the cradle may contain a usb-soundcard. Maybe it's a little 
tricky to have a soundcard-usb-client and a PC-usb-host connected to NEO at 
the same time, but if all else fails, there are USB-host2host solutions 
commonly used to create a usb-based network of 2 PCs.

Chances to see any kind of changes in layout of GTA02 PCB/housing are *very* 
low i think.


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