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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> That is a nice idea, would like to have an accessory like that to make
> my neo into a camera, when I need it...

It is a nice idea.  The Y cable is a nice idea too.  But (it's just my
personal take) the problem with loading up any new things on this
product right now is

 - we didn't sell any yet :-)

 - everyone is running around in headless chicken mode trying to
finalize production, their brains are not configured for new tasks right now

I think the way forward is to prototype these ideas on a GTA02 and
document it and what it does, where it is useful, then after the current
storm dies down it is accessible to explain what the idea is to the
people that can yea or nay it.

For these external USB accessories, it is exactly the kind of thing
users can hack on, including the kernel side if needed (although USB
device support in Linux can already be adequate for many tasks).  If a
couple of folks did it and are going on about how much it rocked and to
show what they achieved this speaks very loudly.

I started prototyping the Y cable, but of course the wiring for a mini
USB cable does not include ID normally :-/  Later I will edit the cable
of one of the chargers I have here to do it that way.

Really I think this kind of user-driven "Wah! We could do THIS!!!" is
great and it is exactly the idea of the product, but unlike a closed
product we really CAN do it without petitioning the company, and within
reason I'm pretty sure supporting this kind of hacking endeavour from my
side is part of my job description.

- -Andy
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