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Thu Mar 13 11:06:15 CET 2008

I am happy this interest someone.

The advantages of an external mini usb camera is:

1. It does not require reproject of hardware (it is nice to have
autoalimented usb port :)
2. It can be bought only if a person want, who don't like don't buy it.
3. It can be upgrader with a better version if for example I need a 15
Mpixel webcam :) (I am joking) or if I need to replace because the cam is
not well running (image noise)

The disavantage:
1. is an external module and I think he need an clip to link well to the

I don't think it must produced by openmoko firm, but it will be nice to be
produced by an external firm that can have a very potential market.
I want now that openmoko team will be concentrated on the develop of
Openmoko (core) so I can change my phone :)

The only thing that is needed is that:

1. Mini usb port support
2. Can clip stable to Freerunner phone (I don't think he can support only on
mini-usb port)
3. The full support by linux kernel
4. (optional but it will be nice) open hardware specification

My 2 cent

2008/3/13, Andy Green <andy at>:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> > That is a nice idea, would like to have an accessory like that to make
> > my neo into a camera, when I need it...
> It is a nice idea.  The Y cable is a nice idea too.  But (it's just my
> personal take) the problem with loading up any new things on this
> product right now is
>   - we didn't sell any yet :-)
>   - everyone is running around in headless chicken mode trying to
> finalize production, their brains are not configured for new tasks right
> now
> I think the way forward is to prototype these ideas on a GTA02 and
> document it and what it does, where it is useful, then after the current
> storm dies down it is accessible to explain what the idea is to the
> people that can yea or nay it.
> For these external USB accessories, it is exactly the kind of thing
> users can hack on, including the kernel side if needed (although USB
> device support in Linux can already be adequate for many tasks).  If a
> couple of folks did it and are going on about how much it rocked and to
> show what they achieved this speaks very loudly.
> I started prototyping the Y cable, but of course the wiring for a mini
> USB cable does not include ID normally :-/  Later I will edit the cable
> of one of the chargers I have here to do it that way.
> Really I think this kind of user-driven "Wah! We could do THIS!!!" is
> great and it is exactly the idea of the product, but unlike a closed
> product we really CAN do it without petitioning the company, and within
> reason I'm pretty sure supporting this kind of hacking endeavour from my
> side is part of my job description.
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