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Thu Mar 13 12:36:51 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> What I think there is the need is something like this:
> This can be good to plug a pendrive or a standard keyboard :), a webcam
> or a sd reader.

You're right, alternatively one with a short cable.  Really this should
be part of the kit since you just can't actually use USB host without it.

> About the clip I think it can be a problem. I don't think it will be
> nice to break the connector inside the openmoko :( this I think must to
> be a choise of the webcam producer. An idea can be the one that I will
> attach now.

I don't know how practical it is to expect someone to get mouldings made
and so on, so until we ship a lot of GTA02 nobody will target it I
guess.  I think for now we have to find a cheap webcam that is built to
mount on a laptop LCD top and abuse it somehow.

Hopefully once we proved it we can at least get the driver support for
the cameras that are widely available into the default kernel.

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