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Thu Mar 13 17:06:58 CET 2008

How about using Bluetooth? Yeah, it would be a little strange but
think of it like this: You could take your phone out of the cradle
when it has finished charging and it would continue playing music
while you'd read the next chapter of your ebook in your bed.
With WLAN and Bluetooth, the only thing you really need a physical
connection for is charging.


On 3/12/08, Etienne < at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I know that what I'm gonna ask for is coming in quite late regarding the
> state
> of the design of the Neo, but still, I have to ask.
> I can see quite an opportunity for the Freerunner to be a device around
> which
> anybody can design additionnal accessories, thanks to the "open" philosophy
> around it. I especially would like to see (or design myself) some kind of
> "base
> station" like the ones existing for the iPod with high-quality loudspeakers.
> Something like that would obviously provide a mean to recharge the phone
> battery, but could also be designed to provide conference-call features
> around
> the Freerunner.
> However, from a mechanical point of view, I can see a major show-stopper,
> being
> the fact that the Freerunner connectors are positionned on both sides of the
> device, which leads to no solution to easily drop the device on a base
> station.
> I know I'm asking for a big change, but is there any chance the layout can
> be
> re-arranged so that the on/off button and the audio connector switch
> positions
> in the Freerunner ?
> Regards,
> --
> Etienne
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