Using Wi-fi on Neo FreeRunner

Sjoerd Simons sjoerd at
Thu Mar 13 20:39:48 CET 2008

On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 09:15:16PM +0100, joerg wrote:
> Am Mi  12. März 2008 schrieb Robin Paulson:
> > So, are there any issues with running software for this OS under OM?
> > is it just a matter of installing the correct dependencies - hildon,
> > etc?
> You might compile software source for use on OM, with a little work to fix
> dependencies.
> However for sure you can not run precompiled binaries made for another 
> platform - e.g. skype. 
> Binaries are hw-dependent, starting with processor...

For SIP and VOIP over XMPP the N8xx uses telepathy[0] and farsight[1] as
protocol and streaming backend. What is missing is a UI for OpenMoko.
Unfortunately the Nokia frontends are proprietary so can't be re-used.

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