FreeRunner delayed a further 6 months?!?!??

Christoph Witzany mail at
Sun Mar 16 13:08:50 CET 2008

JW schrieb:
> On 16/03/2008, "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" <mail at> wrote:
>>  So please, give us some words about delays if there are any...
> NO!
> You don't get these words from Openmoko
> You already know what you get
> 1) full access to kernel/dev discussions - you should make your own
> mind up on what these mean for timescale...
> 2) Following announcement (prev by M Shiloh)

Well that would be all fine if one needs the Freerunner privately as a 
phone and for that I would gladly wait ;).

However in my case the Freerunner should constitute the platform for a 
project of my PhD thesis, so a few months up and down _do_ matter. If 
the Freerunner is available to developers only in August, I'll have to 
look elsewhere for a appropriate platform, as much as it would pain me.

The suggestion to make my mind up reading kernel discussions is not very 
helpful and might even be considered mockery. I'm sure someone in the 
core kernel team has a general idea about the stability and matureness 
of the hardware platform, and can at least tell if it is realistic that 
developers get their hands on a device until May 1st (given the 
inevitable time offset for mass production).

Maybe however FIC decides to start mass production only when software 
maturity is in sight, which would make sense to them, but would severely 
hinder the building of a community since 1. the Neo1973 is sold out and 
2. it lacks many nifty features that could inspire novel and interesting 

I know that in hardware design show stoppers can lurk behind every 
corner, but I would appreciate if  *someone* familiar with the current 
status of the hardware and/or FICs policy towards releasing developer 
devices could suggest a date when we could order it *IF* everything goes 
according to plan as of march 16th.


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