FreeRunner delayed a further 6 months?!?!??

Mark Haury wolfmane at
Sun Mar 16 16:39:53 CET 2008

Matt Manjos matt at wrote on Sun Mar 16 16:23:09 CET 2008:

>I think the main concern with FIC at the moment is that if they
>release the Freerunner developer-only hardware now, produced in 10x
>the quantity of the 1973 (what was hinted to earlier), and some major
>hardware problem was found, it could destroy the credibility and the
>resources of the project. I hate waiting like this, and I was hoping
>to get the Freerunner developer model for my birthday in a few weeks,
>but I'd much rather wait and have the guarantee that I won't be SOL if
>there is a problem with the function or the longevity of the device.

Which is worse: the fear of possible failure, or certain failure?

The fear of failure is usually self-fulfilling prophecy.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If they're constantly going to give in to the fear of failure, then that 
is certainly what's going
to happen.


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