FreeRunner delayed a further 6 months?!?!??

Michele Renda michele.renda at
Sun Mar 16 20:46:04 CET 2008

Hello Pietro

I think you said what a lot of Neo supporter think!

Someone must to understand is not just a phone. I something different 
from what there was untill now. If a person want just a phone or a pda 
is better that buy a phone or a pda.


Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano wrote:
> Well, i've followed this discussion and only one thing is left to say: 
> LOL!!!
> Just get back from your dream and get the information in the list:
> 1) The Freerunner IS free, there are only some firmware things that 
> aren't open and that never will be open but they are only firmware, 
> even your PC run something which is not open source (BIOS, graphic 
> card firmware, cdrom firmware, every kind of firmware you got is 
> generally closed.....)
> 2) The Freerunner is in the last (we hope) development process, 
> concerning the hardware, so i think that there's no interest from FIC 
> to not release it
> 3) HOW will it be released? It will be released in a status that only 
> the hardware will be in a good form, the software could be considered 
> alpha or beta (you are lucky if you can make call or send sms but it's 
> not guaranteed)
> 4) WHEN? when it will be ready it will be released
> So, what can you get from that?
> You can understand that if you are looking for a replacement for your 
> "daily use" pda or phone, if you want to get it in a short time, if 
> you think that is closed source, if you want a camera, a keyboard, 
> UMTS, HDSPA, EDGE or something different from what is listed for the 
> GTA02,...., as a normal customer does, you can go to your favorite 
> mobile shop and get another mobile.
> I think that no one is here to say something like "my cell is better 
> than the neo", if you are not satisfied with the Neo specs, there are 
> 2 thing that you can actually do:
> 1) wait for another release
> 2) just get another pda
> I can't see the difficulty in that, it's so simply, just like anyother 
> product. If you want the Freerunner for other reasons rather than the 
> tecnology you have to wait. Personally i like the neo and i like the 
> idea to hack a mobile os and make it look and act as i want, and first 
> of all i like the openness of this project. If this project was 
> something closed i'd be a stupid, with the same money i could get a 
> device with all the new tecnology, but i don't like symbian and ms win 
> mobile, so i'm waiting for the neo, keeping in mind that it wouldn't 
> be ready and functional "out of the box".
> So just wait for some news from the FIC guys.
> Bye!
> Pietro
> (sorry if my english is not correct)
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