FreeRunner delayed a further 6 months?!?!??

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Tue Mar 18 00:40:24 CET 2008

Mark wrote:
> Michael Shiloh michael at
>> If you have little interest in putting up with the
>> frustrations that will surely follow, you will do best to wait for the
>> consumer software to be ready.
> other words, it *is* intended strictly as a developer's plaything,
> and you have no interest whatsoever in selling to consumers.

Mark, did you even read Michael's last sentence? They *plan* for a 
consumer-ready product. They've said this all along.

I met Michael at a Linux expo here in Los Angeles and worked in the 
booth with him for a few hours, and I overheard him tell dozens of 
interested people that the hardware would be available to developers so 
they could assist with getting the software consumer-ready, and that the 
consumer-ready software would likely take a number of months to finish up.

I've been following this thread somewhat in silent awe, but it makes me 
wonder, Mark, why you keep up such a negative attitude about the Neo and 
Freerunner. If you're not happy waiting, look elsewhere. We're all fine 
(it seems, except you) waiting for regular status updates coming from 
Michael on behalf of the team in Taiwan. Michael is the liaison and 
gives up updates as he gets them. And asking the hardware techs to blog 
about status is a waste of time.

Please sit down and be patient like the rest of us, and either 
contribute something *constructive* to the list (and to the software), 
or unsubscribe from the mailing list. Your week's worth of ranting isn't 
solving anything.

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