2.6.24 kernel RNDIS is not work when I use the same NeoRndis.inf

Xiangfu Liu yjtmpgk at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 03:52:37 CET 2008

> Xiangfu: do you see the Neo showing up in Network Connections or not?
> Perhaps you need to "uninstall" the driver first and then plug the Neo
> back in and let WinXP reinstall it and at the same time update some of
> the many bits of secret Windows-data it uses to track devices?
> -Nick


i can't see the Neo in Network Connectins but i can see it in Device Management
with a BIG excalmatory point and ERROR CODE 10.

i uninstall the driver and plug again many times but it also not work .
it's work fine when i use the 2.6.22 or 2.6.23 kernel connect to the WINDOWS
2.6.24 kernel is not.
all the type of the kernel is work with my UBUNTU.
i think there is some change in  2.6.24 kernel    USB Networking
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