FreeRunner delayed a further 6 months?!?!??

Michele Renda michele.renda at
Tue Mar 18 08:26:59 CET 2008

I try to explain:
OpenMoko team is try to follow a project: they are not a firm like Nokia 
or Motorola.
They are a little firm, but with a very innovative ideas in the mind.

This don't mean that all the people must to support their idea. You must 
analyze your needs and to decide if you need or not their product.

They don't have a budget and the experience of the big firm I told you 
before, so they must to move slow. They must to make a lot of test and 
to develop the application they need they must to ask help of external  

Everyone help how he can.

If Openmoko will be a firm like Apple, they will start the project in 
secret and they will release only when it will be ready, with all the 
application ready.

But openmoko need the external developer support, so for this reason, 
will pass some time before it can be ready for mass production and use.
Personal I like this way of developing, but not all the people will 
like. It is normal.
I know that if I will buy this phone, I will always need a normal phone 
to make an emergency call :) But I like the same.

In a future, when it will be ready, there will be a consumer version, 
but remember: phone from Apple, Nokia, Motorola will be nicer and will 
play more formats, and cheaper, because Openmoko is Openmoko, not a 

I like this phone and I will accept this limitation. I my choise. Then 
you must to make your choise: there is nothing bad if you choise another 
phone that cost less and give more functionality.

So, make your choose and respect the other person choose.

Michele Renda

> other words, it *is* intended strictly as a developer's plaything,
> and you have no interest whatsoever in selling to consumers. Because
> with these attitudes, even if you do eventually come out with a
> consumer version, they won't be interested. This has been my point all
> along: what is your goal? If you ever want to sell this thing to
> consumers, you're going to have to aim in their direction, not strictly
> at developers. If you think you can suddenly start wooing consumers
> after all the development is done, you have a rude awakening ahead...
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