FreeRunner delayed a further 6 months?!?!??

Jordan Keith keiths04 at
Tue Mar 18 09:07:38 CET 2008

This'll be my first email to the community, sorry for any mistakes.

Just to put things straight, I am **not* *a developer, I don't have any 
experience with the Neo1973 or the Neo Freerunner. I haven't had the 
chance to purchase anything, nor have I had the chance to provide 
anything for the community.

That said, I have been closely following the openmoko-devel mailing 
list. All the in-depth stuff. And a number of the personal fears that 
have popped up in these emails are quietly being killed. For instance, 
the battery life. Most people are worried it won't last very long, etc. 
The truth is that the battery life is looking at 200 hours on stand-by, 
and nearly 10 hours of continuous talk. Which is the longest talk-time 
for a phone built around this battery.

The delay is actually rather needed, though it only covers a few small 
things, namely echo during calls and a small number of resistor changes. 
People have found small niggly issues that don't affect the product at 
all, but will give people a chance to complain if they aren't accounted 
for. The echo during calls was described as minimal in most situations, 
but distracting while trying to hold an involved conversation. Sorry I 
have no links, but I'm in a rush here, I'll provide evidence later if 
people want it.

I don't want to sound condescending or mean when I say that the 
community mailing list doesn't hold much information on the product. The 
simple fact is that the community is, at the current moment, waiting 
with baited breath to get their hands on this Neo Freerunner. I praise 
the developers, and most other people would too if you saw the number of 
emails floating around in there. Just for informations purpose, there 
have been nearly 2000 emails in the dev channel since the start of February.


P.S. I'll post a follow-up and some interesting ideas later, currently, 
I have somewhere else to be. Sorry.

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