import of dataset for new zealand

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Tue Mar 18 11:34:33 CET 2008

Am Di  18. März 2008 schrieb Robin Paulson:
> land information new zealand is a government org that holds data on
> roads and properties for the entirety of new zealand. they have
> recently given permission to use their data sets in osm, with a caveat
> that we include an attribution statement:
> "Contains data sourced from Land Information New Zealand. Crown
> Copyright reserved. Land Information New Zealand gives no warranty in
> relation to the data, including its accuracy, reliability and
> suitability and accepts no liability whatsoever in relation to any
> loss, damage or other costs relating to the use of any data, any
> compilations, derivative works or modifications of the data".
> this is a huge data set, with a lot of very useful information. it
> will immediately bring road coverage (currently very poor) for the
> entire country up to 100%, and may include property information for
> every land title in the country, which then opens the door for other
> open data sets, such as (business listings)
> the key is the attribution
> at present there is no method for attributing data in osm, so this is
> a call to all:
> a technical solution is sought, to display the corresponding
> information whenever linz-sourced data is being viewed.
> suggestions and comments, please

Put the characters as a set of virtual roads on any empty area (preferably 
owned by linz ;-), and position map to this point and zoomfactor for very 
first access to data?
It's a pity there's no redirect, as in HTML. 


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