FreeRunner delayed a further 6 months?!?!??

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Tue Mar 18 16:46:27 CET 2008

Jonathon Suggs wrote:

> Why?  Don't know your exact situation but my guess is that even when the
> FreeRunner is initially released it isn't going to be completely
> polished anyway.  So rather than get all frustrated (and build some
> resentment toward the project like I did) don't put an artificial
> timeframe on them...they will release the hardware when it is ready, not
> when you are ready for the hardware.
You don't need Openmoko in it's first generation to have perfect phone.
You would need it because you want to hack it.

Everyone complaining that Openmoko is not ready yet, does not have a 
clue what this is all about.
It will be ready some time, and it will be the greatest phone on the planet.
But this is something the community needs to make it happen.
The first gen freerunner will be a TOOL for making the greatest phone!

Well the delay sucks. But it sucks for hackers not for endusers.
And by the way, making phone calls will most likely not be a issue. 
Since it is already rather stabele at the moment.


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