850MHz or 900MHz? AT&T or TMobile?

Ajit Natarajan ajitk at email.com
Wed Mar 19 12:02:55 CET 2008


A question from a cell phone newbie.

I understand that the Freerunner will come in two varieties: 850MHz and 
900MHz.  I live in the Silicon Valley in California.  My work zip is 
95014 (Cupertino) and my home zip is 95008 (Campbell).  In and around 
these areas is where I expect to be most of the time.

Should I get the 850MHz version phone or the 900MHz?

Which would be the better provider for this area: AT&T or TMobile?

If I should RTFM, please send me a pointer to where I should look to get 
my answers.



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