Neo Freerunner manufacturing status

Michael Shiloh michael at
Wed Mar 19 19:25:58 CET 2008

Steven Kurylo wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 5:55 PM, Michael Shiloh <michael at> wrote:
>>  The Freerunner design is currently staged to go through Production
>>  Validation Test (PVT). The hardware design A5 is, we believe, solid. We
>>  are updating this design to A6 to maximize production yields.
> Something that I haven't seen (and looking through the archives I
> can't find an update for) is what bands is this version going to use?
> Is it the 900 and the 850 will come out at some indeterminate time
> afterwards?
> Or will you be producing both the 850 and the 900 right now?

Hi Steven,

I believe the intention is to produce both 850 and 900 versions at the 
same time, although I haven't heard anything specifically about this 
recently one way or the other.


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