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Kevin Dean kevin at
Wed Mar 19 19:27:37 CET 2008

You use the words "long life" and "fragile", if you're wondering about
the long-term viability of the hardware, it's quite a bit more robust
than the last few phones I've used. :)

I've dropped it several times getting in and out of my car, I keep it
in my pocket with my keys and loose coin when I walk about. The screen
doesn't seem to scratch (thought it does smudge). In all, I think the
device is well built and can be used in environments any typical cell
phone would be used for.

It's a well-build geek toy, that CAN be a long life cell phone, if you like. :)


On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 2:19 PM, andy selby <andyfrommk at> wrote:
> >  I have a question:
>  >  It will be a long life cellphone? Or will it just be some fragile geek
>  >  toy to use with care?

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