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Ian Darwin ian at
Wed Mar 19 19:27:58 CET 2008

Andy Selby wrote:
>>  I have a question:
>>  It will be a long life cellphone? Or will it just be some fragile geek
>>  toy to use with care?
> Since you can install anything on it thanks to the openness of the
> device, it will remain useful for as long as the device works, for
> instance some people are planning to make a bluetooth remote control
> out of it or you can use it as a GPS device.Try that with some other
> mobile phones.

I think the question was more about hardware robustness. I've had my 
GTA01 since the first shipment and have carried it all sorts of places 
and not managed to destroy it. Of course like any device with an LCD 
screen it is susceptible to scratches (somebody claims to have 
custom-cut screen protectors, look on eBay) and to smashing. In this 
regard it is slightly more susceptible than, say, a flip phone.
Buy a good case (I'm using a generic Targus) and take reasonable care, 
the device should last for ??? years I would guess - the same as any 
device built on similar technology.

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