Further details of theprocess as we ramp up production of Freerunner

Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Wed Mar 19 19:55:44 CET 2008

Hi everyone,

I just received from Steve further details of the manufacturing process 
we have planned. I quote:

Bringing a product to mass production goes through several steps. For
Freerunner, since we intend it to be usable by the mass market, we are 
being very diligent.

Here are the milestones:

Design Verification Testing (DVT)
A 100 or so phones have been built for design verification testing. 
These are based on A5. These phones are ready to enter testing. This 
testing will include:

   COMPLIANCE ( like FCC and CE)

When DVT is completed successfully to the satisfaction of all parties 
involved, we start PVT:

Pilot Verification Test (PVT)
PVT is staged to go. This means we have the parts in the factory ready 
to do the build and we are analyzing the results of DVT. In PVT we are 
looking to perfect the design for production so that we get a good yield 
when we decide to build a million phones.

The PVT runs are staggered: for example, we may build 100 phones and 
test them, then make a minor change and build another 100, tweak again 
and then perhaps build 200. Repeat until we verify that the product is 
ready for true mass production.

Steve explicitly says:

"If the community would like, I will update them on each and every stage.

(I've already answered yes for all of you :-)


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