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Nicanor Babula deadhorus at
Wed Mar 19 22:19:40 CET 2008

thomasg wrote:
> I haven't used a Nokia N800 or Motorola A1200, so I can't really say 
> what their build quality is like.
> But I have used many many other Nokias and some Motos, and imho the 
> Neos case is at least as good, if not much better.
> The clearance of the case is better than any Nokia owner would dream 
> of (in fact it is similar to cases that cannot be opened without pure 
> force).
> The plastic is high-quality but relativeley thin (the front and 
> back/battery cover, easily replaceable) and has partly a soft-touch 
> finish (the haptic is very thinkpad-like). The plastic frame is thick 
> and stable, so there's no chance to break it in normal use.
> The display is as breakable as any resistive touchscreen device, but 
> at least there is the (annoyingly high) bezel that covers it on drops.
> So - what else can I say? I was really impressed by the build quality 
> when I got the device, I never expected it. It survived the first 
> slight drops and I expect it to endure much more.
> But well - if a Nokia is your "reference", I don't think you'll expect 
> much, so you will be impressed :)
Very well then. I'll buy this device as soon as it will be available, no 
matter how much it will cost.

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