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Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Thu Mar 20 14:41:44 CET 2008

Am 20.03.2008 um 13:53 schrieb Matthias Ringwald:
> I didn't follow up on all the previous mails, but 399 EURO = 624 USD  
> which looks like a > 50 % rip off compared to the mentioned 399 USD  
> here.
> So I would have to buy it in the US and even get rid of the sales  
> tax..

Well, if you consider sales taxes, extended warranty (24 months),  
recycling (WEEE), localized manual, support hotline, lower shipment  
cost, shipment within 1-3 days etc. as not neccessary, it might look  
like "ripping off"... But note that you get more than a plain device  
when ordering from a reseller than ordering directly in Taiwan or the  
US. My impression is that people have the tendency to compare low US  
prices without any add-ons with the EU prices which must include every  
price component.

So, please read the previous mails where it has already been explained.

BTW: if you order in the EU from Switzerland, you can reduce the price  
by the reseller's country VAT (e.g. 19% in Germany). But you may have  
to pay your Swiss import tax. This may also apply if you order  
directly from the US depending on your country's customs rules. So I  
am not sure that you can legally get rid of any sales taxes.

Finally, what I really find strange is calling this "ripping off". You  
could also say the same for any product, because they do not sell at 0  
USD. There are people who work hard to get devices from Taiwan into  
your hands. Do you really expect them to be altruistic to do that work  
for free? Free and Open does not necessarily mean "Free Beer".

Another area of freedom: we also have free trade in most parts of the  
world so you are free to choose the best location to buy.


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