freerunnter - get it over trisoft

Stroller linux.luser at
Fri Mar 21 06:04:55 CET 2008

On 20 Mar 2008, at 13:58, Matthias Ringwald wrote:
>  ... the other stuff (support hotline, manuals, recycling, VAT.. )  
> does't help me personally.

My experience is that a support hotline helps LOTS when your device  
dies and you need to get it replaced pronto.

But I do agree with you. VAT doesn't help me, either. I don't use any  
of those silly services (like hospitals and roads) that taxes go to  
support! I should be exempt from paying for them!!

And as for recycling! Why should I care about electronics in  
landfills leaking lead & mercury into the water supply? I won't be  
around next century to worry about it!!

(Instead, you should realise that recycling is a European  
requirement, and that all EU importers must agree to recycle their  
products. If one has a dead Moko outside of warranty one will be  
entitled to return it to the importer for recycling, rather than  
landfill it - it is likely that Europeans who don't take advantage of  
this service will soon have to pay to dispose of electronic items;  
they won't be freely accepted at the local tip).


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