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	Subject: Re: freerunnter - get it over trisoft
	Date: ven 21 mar 08 05:04:55 +0000

Quoting Stroller (linux.luser at

> But I do agree with you. VAT doesn't help me, either. I don't use any of 
> those silly services (like hospitals and roads) that taxes go to  
> support! I should be exempt from paying for them!!
> And as for recycling! Why should I care about electronics in landfills 
> leaking lead & mercury into the water supply? I won't be around next 
> century to worry about it!!


I had previously stated as a dire need the fact of having an identical
*PRE-TAX* price for the freerunner on the two shores of the big
pond. A basic option (with just one year of warranty, e-mail or
IRC-based support, just the standard package content that comes from
FIC) should be available and clearly advertised. With a precisely
itemized price, and no intermediaries if at all possible. Resellers
should earn their market share by offering premium services. They
should not be the only choice.


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