Price of the Freerunner published?

Sean Moss-Pultz sean at
Fri Mar 21 11:09:19 CET 2008

ramsesoriginal wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 3:52 PM, Pietro m0nt0 Montorfano
> <monto84 at> wrote:
>> Christian Beier ha scritto:
>>> Am Wed, 19 Mar 2008 22:48:10 +0100
>>  > schrieb "Carlo E. Prelz" <fluido at>:
>>  >
>>  >
>>  >> What we Europeans would need is a FIC subsidiary somewhere here,
>>  >>
>>  > As I read FIC has some branch in Czech or Slovakia. Thing is: If you
>>  > ship a container €70 is definitely not the price per device.
>>  > You can help: motivate enough penguin people to buy a new phone and
>>  > maybe some one will risk such order.
>>  >
>>  > If FIC could ship them to Czech (or Slovakia) with their in house
>>  > post it might be easier to get a good price.
>>  >
>>  > Let's hope.
>>  > Christian
>>  >
>>  This is what i'd like to do with my LUG and some other people near me,
>>  take the name, make only one order of 10 Neos and then give the phones
>>  to the people. Obviously the price will not be lowered a lot, but the
>>  shipping costs are usually divided so in total it will cost less to
>>  everyone. We always do the same with thinkgeek things or some CDs or DVDs.
>>  Just my 0.2€cent :D
>>  Pietro
> The same also holds true if (and here comes the crazy part: correct me
> if it's illegal) someone want's to buy a bunch of Freerunners (let's
> say 10), customize them (with custom themes, programs, settings, maybe
> even pre-filled data, some additional hardware, case mods, and much
> more), and resell them, either to privates that want given features,
> or to firms as a working phone, or for some specific application (for
> example skiers, with custom software and theme).
> Doing so would also allow to grow a family of hacks around the
> openmoko (a version with a webcam? with build-in batteries? with r/c
> sender incorporated? with wooden case?).
> Just my two €-cents

There is nothing crazy about this idea. In fact, this is exactly what 
we're planning for ;-)

Details will come later from Steve or Harry.


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