Price of the Freerunner published?

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano monto84 at
Fri Mar 21 11:52:46 CET 2008

ramsesoriginal ha scritto:
> The same also holds true if (and here comes the crazy part: correct me
> if it's illegal) someone want's to buy a bunch of Freerunners (let's
> say 10), customize them (with custom themes, programs, settings, maybe
> even pre-filled data, some additional hardware, case mods, and much
> more), and resell them, either to privates that want given features,
> or to firms as a working phone, or for some specific application (for
> example skiers, with custom software and theme).
> Doing so would also allow to grow a family of hacks around the
> openmoko (a version with a webcam? with build-in batteries? with r/c
> sender incorporated? with wooden case?).
> Just my two €-cents
Well, nothing like that, my situation is:
pietro want a neo, paolo want a neo, marco want a neo and they live in 
the same city, they know each other, so there are 2 solution, they 
separately buy 3 neos paying 3 times the shipping cost or make a single 
order paying only one time the shipping cost and dividing this cost in 
three. Doing the second solution you have satisfied the three friends 
and they have paid less than making three separate orders.
I think that there is nothing illegal in that, only logic.
Neo cost = 400$
shipping = 20$
vat = 20% (here in itay) so 80$

so if paolo, pietro and marco make 3 different orders they have to pay
500$ per neo, 1500$ in total
if they make a single order they have to pay
(480x3 + 20) /3 = 486$ per neo and 1460$ in total
The example oviously is notso good with only 20$ for shipping but it 
give an idea of what i'd like to do. Nothing wrong with law or anything 
i think.



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