Price of the Freerunner published?

Peter Trapp openmoko at
Fri Mar 21 13:49:20 CET 2008

On Mittwoch, 19. März 2008, Carlo E. Prelz wrote:
> Quoting Peter Trapp (openmoko at
> > Well, I've paid 300€ (=300$) for Neo1973 even without any reseller and
> > group purchasing with two other guys to save shipping costs  (to
> > Germany)!!
> >
> > So, where is the big problem?
> You can go to to have currency
> conversions for any date.

Oh nice. I've search for end of April 2008 and didn't get any result? Also 
there is no real date when the Freerunner will be available. And also not how 
much it will cost.

> On the date of Sean's famous "Get them while they're still hot!"
> message, when ordering for Neo's was opened (9 July 07), 300$ equalled
> 220.216 euros. Today, the same 300$ equal 190.317 euros. This *should*
> be evident from the pricing.

That is true and really a point! But how much will the exchange rate at end of 

In [1] it is said that (discussion between ScaredyCat and TRIsoft):
<TRIsoft> 399$ would make 257 EUR
<TRIsoft> Shipping from China / Taiwan / US appr. $70 to Europe
<TRIsoft> is $469, makes 302 EUR
<TRIsoft> plus 19% VAT is 360 EUR for a self import at the actual price.
<TRIsoft> 399 EUR for the preorders is what we fixed during the meetings with 
a capping if the USD should fall in April
<TRIsoft> Be sure, that we will lower the price, if possible.
<TRIsoft> Actually, all we can say is: A device in Europe will cost not more 
than 399 EUR.
<TRIsoft> Including all legal expenses and VAT
<TRIsoft> And, believe me, the profit is not big. Profit may be less than zero 
if we run into warranty problems.
<TRIsoft> We're in daily contact with the people at OM and i hope that we'll 
be able to lower the EU price a bit. But we'll never get 250 EUR.


> Resellers should get their profit from buying large quantities at a
> discounted price, I believe.

Yes, I think so ...

Don't get me wrong, the lower the price the better ;)

- homyx


It is hardly possible forecasting particularly for the future...

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