Post GTA02 plans

Jeremiah Flerchinger jeremiah.flerchinger at
Sat Mar 22 03:55:56 CET 2008


I'm not sure if the other guys read this mailing list too, but I wanted 
to that all of you for opening up this topic and share my opinion.
> From: Andy Green <andy at>
> To: openmoko-kernel at 
> <openmoko-kernel at>
> We had some internal talk about how to go post GTA02 and Wolfgang wants
> us to make it external.
> We have a choice about basing on S3C2443 or S3C6400.
> I like the 6400 better but information is a bit scarce right now and it
> can go either way.
I myself like the overall look of the 6400.  It has a bunch of decoding 
& I/O features. The USB 2 could be useful to some people.  It's also a 
nice step from an ARMv4 to a ARMv6 instruction set.  I didn't look too 
hard, but what are the big reasons against the 6400?
> Some other concepts kicked around:
>  - Merge the debug board function on to the phone, perhaps with internal
> micro USB used for debricking and hacking.  No write-once memory.
This would be great. Any chance to have downloadable firmware updates?
>  - Focus on SD Card rootfs rather than internal memory
Can we get a 2nd SD card slot, so 1 is for rootfs and 1 is for files in 
general?  If so, the rootfs card should be place in a separate location 
& under a cover so it isn't accidentally pulled out.
> To be clear though -- GTA02 is soon going to actually exist, and this is
> just future talk right now.  But because of that, if you have any ideas
> about future arch, now is the time to throw them in and they will at
> least get the time of day.
WiMax might be fairly interesting if it begins to permeate the market.  
I know Intel is releasing chips that combine WiMax with Wifi and adding 
it to laptops.

A slightly bigger screen might also be nice.  I can't say much about the 
future until I actually get my hands on some hardware that's been 
created to date.


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