Post GTA02 plans

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano monto84 at
Sat Mar 22 08:08:34 CET 2008

Jeremiah Flerchinger ha scritto:
> Michael,
> I'm not sure if the other guys read this mailing list too, but I 
> wanted to that all of you for opening up this topic and share my opinion.
> WiMax might be fairly interesting if it begins to permeate the 
> market.  I know Intel is releasing chips that combine WiMax with Wifi 
> and adding it to laptops.
> A slightly bigger screen might also be nice.  I can't say much about 
> the future until I actually get my hands on some hardware that's been 
> created to date.
> -Jeremiah
Lol, something that a lot of people is asking for the gta02, something 
like a c_mer_ wolud you like to buy a vowel :D
It could be useful to many people, also a quad band modem (which use all 
quad band) and a umts/edge or something to make the phone 2.5g or 3g it 
shouldn't be bad.
May be that this requests are difficult to be satisfied but these are 
the things that people demanded in the list for the gta02 and these 
things will make the gta03 looking good also to some people that doesn't 
need the opennes or just want a pda that can be compared (talking of the 
hardware) to the others on the market.



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