Price of the Freerunner published?

Jonathan Spooner jonathan at
Sat Mar 22 11:04:15 CET 2008

Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> Andy Powell wrote:
>> <TRIsoft> 399$ would make 257 EUR
>> <TRIsoft> Shipping from China / Taiwan / US appr. $70 to Europe
>> <TRIsoft> is $469, makes 302 EUR
>> <TRIsoft> plus 19% VAT is 360 EUR for a self import at the actual price.
> Well, I don't think that a seller buys the shipping of each phone 
> $70... Maybe they'll pay that for 10 phones... Am I wrong?!
>> So there you have it.  I still have an issue with the shipping, I see 
>> no reason why European customers should effectively pay for shipping 
>> twice. Let's hope that companies like TRIsoft get their shipment 
>> direct from China rather than having to reship from the USA.
> I hope there will be something like this...!
Someone in the US could make a modest profit here! aka buy the units and 
sell em on ebay.... tell you somthing for nothing, I bet they'd be a lot 
cheaper than 400 euro!


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