Pulster dismisses FreeRunner preorders, not TRIsoft agreement (was: Official Reseller)

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Sat Mar 22 13:00:27 CET 2008

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Op 22-03-08 01:01, Edwin Lock schreef:
> Hello World, Hello Steve!
> Considering that Neo Freerunner phones can be preordered now at TRIsoft[1] I
> (and several others) are wondering if TRIsoft is the official reseller for
> Europe? This question has arisen because Christian Pulster has claimed that
> an agreement between TRIsoft and OM inc. is non-existant[2] and bases his
> status of an official reseller on a press release[3].
> The question is: Who is correct? Has there been an agreement? Or is this
> just another case of miscommunication?
> I would be pleased to get an official answer from an employee.
> Regards,
> Edwin Lock
> [1] http://trisoft.de/openmoko
> [2] http://forum.golem.de/read.php?23925,1258538,1258538#msg-1258538(german)
> [3] http://forum.golem.de/read.php?23925,1258538,1259049#msg-1259049(german)

Hello Edwin, all,

I have the same questions, and would appreciate an official Openmoko answer.

However I have a small correction.  Your link [2] (Christoph Pulster,
"Wir vertreiben bereits den Neo1973" commenting on the golem.de article
"OpenMoko FreeRunner kommt Ende April") does not say that Openmoko Inc.
and TRIsoft do not have an agreement.  It just says something like the
following (and I'm not German, so this is just to get the basic idea

    We sell the Neo1973 already

Good morning Golem.  For once don't just pass on press releases
unchanged, but also do some research, when you call yourself "IT News
for professionals".

The availability date of the new Freerunner is completely up for grabs
["in the stars"-- I love German, MK].  Fact is, there are not even
prototypes yet.  Until something is available that is really usable for
the end-user, I will have the summer already again behind me.

We have the Neo1973 already in stock and available.  I do not take
preorders for non-existing devices seriously.  When the PDA/smartphone
business wouldn't announce so many 'air bubbles', then the anticipation
of the patient user would at least often be justified.  Shame.


For reference, here is my rough translation of the first paragraph of
the golem.de article itself (http://www.golem.de/0803/58520.html):

    OpenMoko Freerunner arrives end of April

At TriSoft one can preorder the Linux smartphone FreeRunner from
OpenMoko right now for the price of 399,- Euro.  The delivery to
developers should follow end of April 2008.  The Freerunner is the
follow-up of the Neo1973 and has internally been reworked just a little.
 The devices run on free software, OpenMoko makes the software also
available in source code form with documentation, and allows it to be

Hope this helps.

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